Walk Away Knowing EXACTLY
Who You Help, How You Help Them,
What Content to Be Making AND
What Your Program Should Be - FREE!

Walk Away Knowing EXACTLY, Who You Help, How You'll Help Them, What Content to Be Making AND What Your Program Should Be...

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Fast, Consistent Growth

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Introducing the


A Proven Method for Finally Identifying Your Niche, Your Audience and Your Specialisation!

  • Uncover what your niche is, who you’re here to serve, and HOW to serve them

  • Discover how to create high-converting copy, crafts offers, and attract higher-paying clients

  • Finally, gain the clarity you crave around your expertise (think about it: if you don’t know what you’re known for... how will anyone ever know you?)

  • Learn how to actually reach MORE people and how most are going about it completely backwards

  • Know your niche by the END of the masterclass... OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

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The Guarantee That Makes This A Complete No-Brainer:

When you join us in the Masterclass, I guarantee you'll walk away by the end of this training having clearly identified your NICHE… OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

In other words, if you don’t know EXACTLY who you are here to help and how you help them by the end of this class, we will happily refund 100% of your investment, no questions asked.

How It Works

In this ground-breaking workshop we'll share the THREE SIMPLE QUESTIONS to give you complete clarity on your niche in minutes...

...AND work with you LIVE to think them through and apply them to your industry. That's ANY industry, ANYWHERE.

By the End You'll Have...

  • Complete clarity on EXACTLY who you help - that's your IDEAL CUSTOMER and people you LOVE to work with

  • A clear vision of HOW you help them and how to create irresistible products that they LOVE, and you love to serve them with

  • A COMPLETE content strategy that gives you LITERALLY endless ideas, including a 30 day right there in the workshop

  • Your SIGNATURE PROGRAM mapped out! That's the offer AND phases - yes, really!

Guaranteed or your Money Back!

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Dan is an 5x award winning coach with a following of 100,000 on single platforms on social. He's a fearless creator, with a stand out, unique brand like no other.

Travis is a 3x award winning marketer, 10k creator, podcaster, multiple business owner and mobile app developer, inspiring new creators to dominate their social.

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